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Why Parents Involvement in Student Learning is Crucial

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Parental involvement in a student's learning journey is crucial for several reasons. Research has shown that when parents take an active role in their child's education, it can have a positive impact on their academic performance, motivation, and overall well-being. Parents have become instrumental in offering guidance to their children for their daily studies, maintaining accountability for their work, and getting extra help when needed.

1. Supportive learning environment

Parents can set academic goals for their children, and it sends a message that education is important and valued. This can motivate children to take their studies more seriously and work harder towards their goals. A regular study habit is the best way to beat exam stress. Create a daily plan, which may include a set time to:

  • wake up, get ready and eat

  • attend online classes as per schedule

  • time to play and do some physical activities

  • revise their daily lessons

When parents are supportive of their child's learning, it can create a positive and encouraging learning environment at home.

2. It improves communication between parents, children, and teachers

When parents are involved in their child's education, they are better informed about what their child is learning, their progress, and any issues they may be facing. Good communication between parents, children, and teachers is crucial for identifying any potential problems early and working together to address them.

3. Get familiar with the online tools used (for online classes or resources)

Help your child get familiar with the portal so that she can navigate on the platform comfortably. The more independent she becomes with using the tool and reporting issues to her teacher, the freer you will be.

4. It increases motivation and engagement

Parents who participate in their children's education can help to motivate and engage their child in their studies. Parents may inspire their children to take charge of their education and foster a passion of learning by taking an interest in what they are learning.

In PAL Learning, we focus on working hand in hand with parents to foster a positive learning environment for the children, always ensuring consistent communication with PAL tutors and encourage improved academic performance. With readily assistance by PAL Team, parents can be actively involved in their children’s education without any stresses.

Start your child with PAL Learning today It's time for your child to personally benefit from the interesting lessons and supportive tutors that have assisted countless pupils in improving their academic performance.

Interested? To learn more about our programme at PAL Learning, get in touch with us. We will work together to help your child learn more effectively and perform better in school.

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