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  • Are there trial lessons available?
    We recommend arrangements for 2 x trial lessons with our PAL Edu-consultants. During this trial, learner will be able to get to know the PAL tutor, pace along with the class and get a pre-enrolment assessment done to gauge his/her learning capabilities. Trial lessons are chargeable with a nominal admin fee of $50 only.
  • How many students are there in a class?
    Conducive environment of 5 - 10 students for optimal learning.
  • Are there assessments for my child before he is enrolled?
    A Pre-Enrolment Assessment (PEA) will be conducted to establish the learner’s learning capabilities before he/she is placed in a class of his/her pacing. This assessment can be done at our PAL Edu-Centre (Serangoon/ Bukit Timah/ Toa Payoh). Recommendations of the relevant PAL Learning classes for sign up based on the Pre-Enrolment Assessment Results will be provided by our PAL Edu-consultant.
  • Will any lesson materials be given?
    Yes, parents are highly encouraged to print out the assigned lesson materials for class, so the learner is fully prepared for lessons to participate appropriately. Parents who wish to receive the hardcopy worksheet booklets may do so at a nominal *material fee of $50 per year for each subject. The mail package will be mailed on a term basis to the mailing address provided. *Material fee is paid annually and is non-refundable.
  • May I request for past materials prior to my child joining the programme?
    Materials will be provided from the point of joining the programme. Past materials will not be provided.
  • Will students be required to purchase any other additional books or reading materials?
    The purchase of additional materials will not be required as materials provided by us are sufficient for your child learning with us.
  • How do I monitor my child’s progress?
    Parents can ensure the learner's completion of the worksheet booklets after every class. Kindly reach out to the PAL Tutor within the PAL Class Group Chat for assistance if needed.
  • Is the PAL Curriculum in line with the MOE Syllabus (same as the schools)?
    Yes, PAL Curriculum is in line with the MOE Syllabus. Do take note that all schools pace differently in their topic outline. PAL Academic Year starts in Mid-Nov to head start the learners for the new academic year. This is to help them to be better prepared for the year ahead. Nearing each examination/assessment school term, PAL Academic team will line up Revision Programs/ Series within or outside of classes for additional preparation too.
  • How are the lessons conducted?
    All lessons are conducted via Zoom. At the start of every lesson, the tutor will go through the previous week’s homework assignment before embarking on the week’s lesson, which may be topical, or strategy based. After the teaching of the new topic/strategy, learners will work independently on their class assignments. Homework is assigned to allow the learners to practise what they have been taught. Tutors will observe learners’ work, highlight important considerations based on the observations and provide the required personal attention to aid those who need further clarifications.
  • Why is homework assigned?
    Homework is assigned to further reinforce the concepts taught in class. The learner is expected to complete and hand in all homework on time as this will aid in the teacher’s assessment of his/her level of understanding to ensure better pacing in class.
  • If my child has any questions not within the centre’s classwork, can he/she ask the PAL tutors?
    Yes, your child may raise any queries within class time and their tutors will reply to them during the lesson. However, the tutor is not able to extend the lesson to answer those questions as he/she may have another lesson scheduled right after the class. Parents will be placed into each respective PAL Class Group Chat with a PAL tutor assigned to assist in all enquiries. If your child has questions outside of the PAL Curriculum but related to the week’s topic, you may reach out to the PAL tutor within the chat group.
  • What is your payment term?
    Our minimum payment plan is based on Quarterly arrangement. There are however additional perks for 6 months and Annual payment plans.
  • Are there any Registration fees to register my child for the lessons?
    A One-Time Registration fee (non-refundable): $50 Please note that fees are non-refundable once a class slot has been confirmed.
  • How do I make payment via PayNow?
    Once registration is done, we will send out the invoice with the QR Code/ UEN number for payment.
  • What are the Instalment Payment Plan (0% interest) options available?
    DBS Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) 6 months or 12 months option Latitude Pay Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) 3 months, 6 months, 12 months options (can pay using non-DBS credit/ debit cards)
  • Are there lessons during the school holidays?
    There will be lessons during the school holidays. You may refer to the PAL Learning Academic Year 2023 Calendar here.
  • Will class be conducted during Public Holidays?
    For PAL Learning classes that fall on Public Holiday, Mirror classes will be arranged.
  • Is there a class replacement if my child cannot attend a class?
    Please inform a PAL team member through the PAL Parent’s Group Chat 3 days before the absence of a class in order to be provided with the respective Mirror Class choices for your replacement class. In the case, if the PAL Class falls on a Sunday, and all Mirror Class choices are missed, or for any reason, your child’s schedule cannot fit into any Mirror Class schedule, you will be provided a PAL Class Recording for 7 days to be viewed by your child.
  • Currently there is no available time slot that fits my child’s schedule, how do we sign up for the class/ trial classes?
    You may kindly let us know your preferred day and time slot, we will keep a lookout for new class openings soon and keep you on the waiting list. If you have friends who would like to join in the same time slot as you, you can refer them in to open up this new class slot. A new class slot will be confirmed with > 4 pax.
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