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Live Online Lessons with PAL Tutors

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Live Online Lessons with PAL Tutors

From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Online Workshops

Increase mastery of key concepts through our Topical Workshops, where in-depth analysis and answering techniques are shared



Young learners will gain confidence and success in writing narratives as they plan their writing through SPACE¹.

Short, well-structured narrative texts are used as models for learners who will then produce their own narratives by the end of the workshop.

¹The mnemonic SPACE (Harris & Graham, 1992) is an acronym that stands for 

S: Setting 

P: Purpose 

A: Action 

C: Conclusion 

E: Emotions 



Topic – Model Drawing

Model drawing serves as the core essential approach that learners at P3 must be able to master as it forms the basic requirement to be able to visualise and eventually solve higher level questions.

Learners will be exposed to problem sums involving the part-whole model and comparison model – being able to draw and adapt to various types of questions.



Topic – Systems
(Plant Systems)


Learners will be taught to identify the different parts of a plant and its functions. Besides understanding the fundamentals of a plant system which is a pre-requisite to understanding plant systems in upper block.

PAL Online Workshop Fees and Hours


30th May 2023 - 8th June 2023


P1 – P4:  $75/session

P5 – P6:  $100/session


P1 - P4: 1hr 30 min/session

P5 – P6: 2hrs/session

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