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Transforming Online Education into an Engaging Journey: The PAL Learning Advantage

Parent: Ms Joyce

Child: Jay Primary School: Hong Wen School

Posted to: St Joseph Institution - IB Program


Preliminary AL14


How did you get to know about PAL Learning?

Ms Joyce: Online is something new to me, saving time and effort from sending the child to tuition classes, and with the promotions and great pricings, we started Jay on PAL Learning classes P4 in July 2021.

How do you feel about PAL Learning classes?

Jay: Teachers are very engaging, at the end of the lessons they will share with you more stuff to increase knowledge of the subject. Or have the games in place for enriching knowledge. Sometimes, when students get bored from learning due to tiredness from daily lives, tutors will engage us with more fun activities.

Did you face any challenges when he attended the online classes?

Ms Joyce: At the few classes beginning, I did not expect students to be attentive throughout the class, then I realised tutors start with interesting stories and learning videos, hence, during the online lessons the tutors actually did a great job in helping to overcome the stigma of non-conducive learning online. The students were more focused, including my son, and the tutors did share a lot with their students.

What is the drawing factor to PAL Learning for you which you find different from the rest of the tuition choices out there?

Ms Joyce: I did try other trial classes outside PAL Learning, but I realised it was a little different. Honestly, I feel PAL tutors are more committed and put in extra efforts to communicate with parents like myself on our children’s progress and class behaviour. It was easy to follow through with the constant updates from PAL tutors and understand more with regards to my son’s improvement or learning capabilities. That’s also the reason why Jay is with PAL Learning throughout from Primary 4 to Primary 6 PSLE journey.

What is the best thing about PAL Learning you love the most?

Jay: The learning games, the constant excitement to learn more, like usually we will be bored of learning however, PAL Learning tutors did bring out the interest in students no matter from Primary 1 to older students, Primary 6. My mother mentioned my attention span is not very long, however, PAL tutors encouraged me to keep on learning, paying more attention in classes. It is not like any normal tuition which is boring, but I can also share my thoughts with the tutors and sometimes, joke back too with them.

Ms Joyce: It is surprising that he will say he wants to continue PAL Learning classes even during holiday period when we ask if he wants to take a break. It is something positive about PAL Learning to keep students consistently loving studying.

If there is one word you can describe your experience with PAL Learning, what is it, and why?

Jay: Fun but I will learn a lot, like if at the end of the class, I need help with my homework, my tutors will take a step forward to help me with it. They will teach and guide me on knowledge that was not taught in our primary school curriculum, but broadens my knowledge and can help me in my studies.

Even though it is online, PAL tutors are very close to me and helpful too. I really appreciate that.

What would you tell someone who is considering PAL Learning?

Jay: Why not, try the trial classes and if you like it, you can go ahead with the classes. I am very sure they will love the classes because the tutors are engaging, interactive, they are fun but at the same time, they teach you a lot of stuff.

Ms Joyce: One great thing is there are not many additional things to do apart from lesson works, so PAL Learning does not add the workload to the students. Doing effective PAL Learning work in class helps to prevent students from shunning away from learning.

Any other advice?

Ms Joyce: Parents need to be involved in their children’s learning. To start your child in online learning, you can see if your child is absorbing the knowledge and also prepare your child for a consistent learning cycle. For lesson time, it will be full focus time for them, be attentive and ensure the camera is turned on for class. Sometimes, let’s say your child is a little unwell, but with the online classes, you can still attend the classes at home, and it helps to have consistent class attendance and not miss out.

PAL Learning’s class chat groups and personalised parent’s chat help in terms of communicating with PAL tutors, they frequently update and keep track of the student’s progress. Parents are also motivated to be engaged in terms of monitoring their child’s learning journey.

Set your child up for success in the coming year.

PAL Learning is dedicated to providing students with learning opportunities that will empower them.

We are here to assist parents in fostering the holistic development of their children, not simply their academic skills. It’s all about providing students with rich, fulfilling learning experiences.

We would be delighted to have your child in our classes.

If you have any questions about our programmes, please email us at or call us at 6282 7762 and we will be happy to assist you.

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