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The explicit explanations, colourful illustrations, informative and interesting passages make The Grammar Magic is an excellent guide for pupils struggling with English.  Important grammatical conventions are presented in a systematic and concise manner.  Pupils will be highly motivated to learn and grasp the importance of grammar on their own.

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 Dr Phyllis Chew​

Dr Phyllis G.L. Chew taught at various public schools in Singapore before her professorial tenure at the National Institute of Education. She is a recipient of the Teacher of the Year award, the Teaching Excellence award as well as the Distinguished Long Service Award for volunteerism.


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Toh Weng Choy​

Former teaching consultant at Centre of English Communication, SMU. 2. Currently - Adjunct Practicum Supervisor, NIE. 3. M Ed.,B.A Hons, Dip in TES0L, Dip in Edn

More Chapters Available Here!


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Better Grammar is specially designed with the following purposes in mind:

1) To provide a comprehensive and instructional text in English grammar and sentence structures for students of English as a second language or as a foreign language

2) To provide a review for teachers and tutors in the essentials of English grammar

3) To help students to recognise and correct common grammatical and structural language errors.

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Pri 1
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P2 Practice Books
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P3 Guide Books
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