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Mr Christopher Peh 
Primary English 
Postgraduate Diploma in Education,

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language (University of San Francisco, USA)

Mr Christopher, 25 years of English teaching journey among mainstream and special needs schools. His contribution of knowledge and skills has benefited hundreds of children. Trained as an educational therapist, his classroom always gives a sense of security and blooming with positive energy. He believes this is the right environment where children learn to become responsible, self-motivated and independent.

Ms Cecilia, started her teaching passion for her son with a learning disability. Over 10 years of teaching local and international students, she does not see a career change. Her classroom is fun and safe, where children can grow and set the pace in learning. Learner-centered yet goal-oriented. "All children are equal and their needs should not be invisible. They should not be left behind for taking their own time to learn."

Ms Cecilia Gwee
Primary Mathematics 
Diploma in Pre-school Education,
National Institute of Education, Singapore
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Canberra, Australia

Ms Florence, left her early work as a primary school teacher to take up the challenge of shaping children's lifelong skills in Public Speaking, Leadership, Motivational, Study and Time Management. Equipped with knowledge and skills for success, her class is orderly-fun, motivational and goal-oriented. Her ultimate aim is to help shape our nation’s children into competent and self-sufficient individuals.

Ms Florence Low 
Primary All Subjects 
MOE Certificate-in-Education,
Institute Of Education, Singapore 

Ms Irene, with over 20 years in primary school teaching, believes that learning is a continuous journey of adventures and misadventures. It may be a harsh path to competency, but with gentle encouragement and equipping them with skills and strategies, they will grow strong to withstand the future. Her classroom embraces the current and fosters excitement for the future.

Ms Irene Toh
Primary All Subjects

Bachelor of Arts (Education),

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Ms Joanne Lee 
Primary Mathematics and Science
Post Graduate Diploma in Education, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Bachelor of Science (majoring in Chemistry), National University of Singapore

Ms Joanne, teaching has been her passion for the last 10 years and will be for the next 10 years. She believes a teacher should not only be teaching children the academic aspect but to equip them with social skills for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations that they must face in their lives. Her classroom is non-stop debating and exploration of new ideas and strategies.

Ms Jagjit, private tutor to her A* scorer son, tutor for O'level Science is now transferring all her knowledge and skills to benefit the younger learners. Lover of nature and science, she believes sparking children's curiosity by showing real-life examples from nature's marvels surrounding us is the way for children to grow and learn.

Ms Jagjit Kaur
Primary English and Science

Certificate in Teaching and Learning, Nanyang Polytechnic

Master's in Chemistry,

National University of Singapore

Ms Kirenjit Kaur
Primary All Subjects

Certificate of Performance in Coaching and Facilitation Skills for English/Mathematics/Science,

Singapore Polytechnic
Degree in Business Administration, Thames Oxford University (UK)

Ms Kirenjit, more than 8 years as Motivational and Curriculum trainer for local schools, is a strong believer that teaching should inspire hope, ignite imagination and instil the love of learning. Academic journey is not  learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. Exploring concepts and reflecting on solving strategies are part and parcel in her classroom.

Ms Crystal, having encounter children of different backgrounds since her university time as a tutor, she believes every child has their own strength and weakness. Every child had a different way of learning and reaching their potential in their own pace. Her classroom signified freedom of choice and self-assertiveness.

Ms Lin MeiXiu (Crystal) 

Primary Mathematics

Bachelor in Business Administration (Major in Finance), RMIT

          (Mrs Uma)         
Primary All Subjects
Professional Degree - Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
Certificates in Coaching English / Math / Science - Singapore Polytechnic

Dr Lovnish is a passionate teacher who enters the class with high expectations of each and every pupil of hers and aims to bring consistency, warmth, positive attitude and perseverance to her class to assist her students to achieve their highest potential and ensure that each one is diligent in his/her studies.

Mrs Nyttle, a Science teacher for the past 8 years, is a strong believer that of “Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry again tomorrow; teach him to catch a fish, and he will be richer all his life.” Children of his class are confident problem-solvers. They will have the knowledge and skills to be contributors and not followers.

Mrs Nyttle Veliath George
Primary Science 
         Post graduate in Bio informatics (NTU), Basic degree in Engineering

Mr Salimun Yeo
Primary and Secondary Science
Post Graduate Certificate in Education,

Nottingham University, UK

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical and Production),

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Mr Salimun, Science Specialist for more than 15 years, brings with him his unique insights from teaching in secondary school assisting children to form a strong science foundation for further exploration in the future. His experience established the ground that every child is unique and intellect. His classroom is full of humour and passion and highly instructional with the aim to grow students' academic skills and improve test scores.

Ms Serene, with her love of travelling to different countries and 12 years of teaching both locally and internationally, opens the eyes of children to international education. Learning does not and should not solely sit within confines and limitations, young minds should be filled with rich worldly knowledge and skills to thrive in the future which is increasingly unpredictable. 

Ms Serene Enleitner Yap 

Primary English and Mathematics
Diploma in Education,

National Institute of Education, Singapore

Bachelor of Arts in English with Business Class,

Singapore University of Social Science

Ms Sumitri D/O Palaninathan

Primary All Subjects 
Master of Arts, University of Leeds

Bachelor of Arts, National University of Singapore

Ms Sumitri, well versed in History and English, believes in the “power of words”. Every child can learn and should be given the support and strategies to express themselves clearly and accurately. Her classroom is inspiring and empowering. With the correct tools learning will fall in place.

Mr Tan, trained in psychology and counselling, over 3 years into teaching is a belief that each child has a unique intellect and will have their moment of glory. His classroom is heaven to discuss anything and everything. He motivates and stimulates independent critical thinking, the ability to articulate clearly, accurately and consciously aware of the power of words, spoken and unspoken.

"A tutor is to be a mentor to guide, advise and challenge them to step out and showcase their talent to reach their dreams and goals. "

Mr Tan Kai Peng

Primary English and Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (Psychology),

First Class Honour, Coventry University, UK

Ms Uma Rane

Primary Maths and Science

Master of Education – Primary, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Cambridge international Diploma for Teachers and Trainers

Cambridge English Language Teaching for Adults International diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching

Bachelor Degree- Psychology and Economics

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Ms Uma enjoys working collaboratively with students and encourage them to be active learners. She believe students should be able to construct knowledge through interactions, discussions and prior knowledge.  I intend to be more of a facilitator and incorporate different learning strategies to enable students to understand apply and analyse the knowledge gained in the classroom. 

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