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PAL Secondary

Vacation Programme


Don't miss our special December programme to introduce algebra and science experimentation!

All participants get a specially-curated Science Resource Pack to conduct actual experiments at home.

Dec 5 - 8

10 am - 12 pm



  • Lesson 1: Let there be "X"

Using letters to represent numbers
Writing algebraic expressions
Writing neat working​

  • Lesson 2: Addition and subtraction

Writing algebraic equations
Solving for “x”
Word problems related to addition and subtraction

  • Lesson 3 : Multiplication and division

Writing and solving algebraic equations
The importance of presenting working neatly
Word problems related to multiplication and division

  • Lesson 4 : Algebra in daily use

Using algebra to solve problems encountered in daily life
Financial transactions as algebraic problems

No More Drawing Models


  • Lesson 1: Safe handling of apparatus and reagents

Laboratory safety
Hazard symbols
Laboratory apparatus
Drawing scientific diagrams​

  • Lesson 2: Just Add Water” – Acid and Alkali Solutions

Characteristics of an acid and an alkali solution
Testing for acids and alkalis
pH testing unknown substances

  • Lesson 3 : Simple Chemical Reactions

Natural indicators
Simple acid-alkaline reaction – effervescence
Simple acid-alkaline reaction – neutralisation

  • Lesson 4 : Elements around us

My first Periodic Table
Metals and non-metals
Simple acid-metal reaction – hydrogen production video demonstration
Elements and compounds

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