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Specially For Primary 6 Students Sitting For PSLE 2022
PSLE Revision Masterclass
Revise On Foundational Concepts And Topics
From Primary 3, 4, 5 and 6
Commonly Tested For PSLE!

Do you have an effective study plan to maximise your child's revision for PSLE?

With our years of academic experience as seasoned educators, we are certain that students will be tested on foundational concepts and topics in their national examinations.

That is why revisiting the foundations learnt in Primary 3, 4 and 5, is still crucial for your child to score in this year's PSLE, despite the new scoring system implemented by the MOE.

PSLE Revision Masterclass Overview

PSLE Revision Masterclass.png

An effective study plan that is set aside for your child to recap on previous years topics. There is a total of 8 comprehensive online lessons for each subject to prepare your child - Mathematics and Science. Each lesson lasts 2 hrs 30 mins.

PSLE Masterclass Good Pace.png

Spreading the course over 8 lessons to cover all the topics for PSLE, gives your child a better pace to clarify any doubts that they might have and ample time to grasp the concepts, before moving on to the next. This would be ideal and conducive for your child's revision.

PSLE Masterclass Subject Experts.png

The progress of your child's revision will be solely monitored by the same subject expert throughout the entire course. Your child gets familiar with the teaching style of the designated subject expert, and the teacher is able to gauge your child's level of understanding and to correct any common mistakes during the revision programme.

PAL Learning PSLE Mock Exam.png

By the final 8th lesson, a mock exam using our curated set of exam questions will be conducted. This is to simulate an experience for your child to complete the exam within the stipulated time frame - just like sitting for the PSLE. The subject teacher will go through the paper with your child, explaining the concepts and topics behind each of the questions, and provide the answers and necessary workings.

High Score PSLE.png

With this Revision Masterclass, we aim to boost the confidence of your child, identify and diagnose any misconceptions that your child have about the subjects, and get them mentally-prepared. This would relieve their anxiety so that they are well-prepared to perform their best when they sit for their PSLE.

PSLE 2021 Exam Timetable.png

Preparations Have To Begin Now

There is no better time to start preparation for your child than this June school holidays.

We will enrol a maximum of 10 students per course, with subjects Mathematics and Science.

Masterclasses will begin on the 2nd week of June, starting on 7th June (Monday).


June Revision Masterclass.png

PSLE Revision Masterclass For MATHEMATICS

Class Details

Weekly: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Time: 9:00AM - 11:30AM


Dates:  7th June, 9th June , 11th June
14th June, 16th June, 18th June,

21st June, and 23rd June

PSLE Revision Masterclass For SCIENCE

Class Details

Weekly: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Time: 2:30PM - 5:00PM


Dates:  8th June, 10th June, 12th June
15th June, 17th June, 19th June,

22nd June, and 24th June

Special Bonus When You Sign Up Today!

FREE Access To SG Primary (Worth $89)!

Practise, practise, practise...

because practice makes perfect!

With resources from Singapore’s top primary schools and educators,
SG Primary gives your child the access to practise Past-Year PSLE questions,

to keep your child ready for their final hurdle.

PSLE Booking Form

PSLE Revision Masterclasses

*$50 Material Fee Is Not Included In The Prices Of The Revision Masterclasses*
Materials will be mailed to your doorstep.
So register early to receive them before revision begins for your child.


PSLE Revision Masterclass

Revise On Foundational Concepts And Topics

From Primary 3, 4, 5 and 6

Commonly Tested For PSLE!

Closing Date:
Extended to 4th June 2021
Last 5 Seats Left! 

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