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PAL Learning Testimonial by Mrs. Foo

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

We hear from one of our parents about her child’s journey with PAL Learning

At PAL Learning, we combine the best of both worlds - providing convenience and savings for parents while ensuring that children receive tuition from NIE-trained tutors through a home-based learning format. These tutors are equipped with specialised teaching methods and MOE-aligned materials.

In this article, we hear from Mrs. Foo about her journey with PAL Learning so far. Mrs Foo enrolled her daughter for PAL Learning’s P4 Boost! English programme which targets mainly comprehension and composition.


Why were you looking for a tuition centre for your child/children?

With my second child, I feel that since I’m not as well-versed with the current syllabus as I was with my first-born, I was not able to coach or prepare her for the year’s examinations. My daughter required additional help to improve academically.

Why did you select PAL Learning?

I learnt about PAL Learning through a friend. It was a bonus for me that it was conducted online, not just because of the pandemic but also because it fit our schedules perfectly.

What feature/factor made you select PAL Learning?

Oh, there were a couple of pull factors for me. Firstly, the fees are reasonable. At $99 per programme per month, it beat any other educational provider hands-down. Moreover, the English materials are original materials and are comparable, if not, better than some of the publishers’ materials at the bookstores. Other online tuition providers provide the online teaching experience but without the materials.

How are you and your child finding the experience so far with PAL Learning?

My child’s English tutor is clear in her instructions and engages the students deeply. She is also quick-witted and encourages student participation at all times. Her composition and comprehension teaching methods are, in my opinion, very good. Additionally, PAL Learning’s English materials are comprehensive and well-written.


PAL Learning combines the best of both worlds. We provide convenience and savings for parents while ensuring that children receive tuition from tutors with specialised teaching methods and materials.

Parents can benefit from a home-based learning format that also keeps our children safe. There is no commute and no gathering with other children in small, enclosed environments.

PAL Learning offers trial classes at SGD 15 per class. This entitles your child to one 90-minute online lesson, one month’s free access to our online resources and a free 50GB TPG mobile SIM card.

More information about PAL Learning can be found on our website at or schedule a call with our customer service officers through this link.

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