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What is PAL Learning’s approach & methodology?

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

PAL Learning is created to be accessible, affordable and relevant for our students. We encourage retentive learning through high participation and interaction with our tutors through our proprietary technology platform.

PAL Learning is a new Edu-tech platform in Singapore that offers private tuition for primary school children. We offer over 35 different programmes across 6 primary school levels and provide a safer, convenient and more accessible format of learning through online group-based tuition.

Based on a ST poll on Singaporean families, 7 in 10 household send their children for tuition. However, only a third of parents saw significant improvement in their child’s grades because of extra tuition. Pupil progression is opaque, with parents reliant on tutor feedback to understand their child’s progress.

Online learning addresses these pain points effectively.

PAL Learning was created to make tuition Affordable, Accessible and Relevant to modern learning needs.


Students at PAL Learning benefit from:

  1. Attentive guidance: With a small student to tutor ratio of 5:1, individualised attention can be provided to ensure pupils’ needs are met. Classes are led by NIE-trained teachers who possess deep understanding of syllabus requirements.

  2. Effective learning: Periodic pupil reports for parents and pupils to understand the weaker areas of their children’s learning; as well as their strengths and how to maintain them.

  3. Stretching potential: Lesson materials are designed to bring the best out of our young learners. Pupils are taught to explore, to challenge their understanding of the topic and to question in the class.

Participative classes support retentive learning

Research has shown that retentive learning occurs when pupils are active participants; they ask questions, explore ideas and give feedback of their own.

To create participative classes, topics are linked to relatable, real-world problems that are relevant to children. For example, topics such as online-gaming addiction are discussed during English language classes. This approach ensure that pupils are excited to share their perspectives during class.

Beyond memorising key ideas and concepts, pupils must be able to experiment, to question and to make mistakes to deepen their understanding of the topic.

PAL learning lessons are driven by pupil-led discussion, and tutors encourage pupils to voice their opinions/questions during class, using each question as an opportunity to discuss the topic. Group activities are also use as opportunities to promote discussion between pupils.

Proprietary education-technology platform

Our digital platforms help to enhance interactivity by allow pupils to collaborate online in real-time on challenging questions and assignments. With our library of interactive mini assignments and edu-focused games, pupils are given plenty of opportunities to collaborate, explore and strengthen their understanding of the subject.

By avoiding an instructional approach that may stifle the creativity of our young learners, tutors encourage pupils to lead the discussion to achieve effective, retentive learning.


PAL Learning combines the best of both worlds. We provide convenience and savings for parents while ensuring that children receive tuition from tutors with specialised teaching methods and materials.

Parents can benefit from a home-based learning format that also keeps our children safe. There is no commute and no gathering with other children in small, enclosed environments.

More information about PAL Learning can be found on our website or schedule a call with our customer service officers here.

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