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Ms Stephanie Chan shares about her approach to encourage learning.

We feature our tutors across the PAL Learning universe and share about their backgrounds, teaching styles, and accomplishments.

PAL Learning is a new edu-tech platform in Singapore that offers private tuition for primary school children. We offer over 35 different programmes across 6 primary school levels. We seek to disrupt the private tuition industry in Singapore for primary school children by providing a safer, convenient and more accessible format of learning through online group-based tuition with qualified and experienced tutors in small groups of up to 5 children only; and complemented by e-materials.

This week, we speak with Ms Stephanie Chan, a PAL Learning tutor about her teaching philosophy and accomplishments.

  1. Tell me more about yourself. Who is Stephanie? I am a qualified lawyer and also have a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies. I am also a poet. I have been teaching English since 2016, and also teach poetry and performance workshops for adults and children.

  2. Why did you decide to become a teacher? I enjoy working closely with people and imparting knowledge to young people.

  3. What is your teaching philosophy? I see the chance to play a role in young people’s learning and development as a privilege, and I approach teaching as a both a creative exercise and an exercise in problem-solving. I believe that if you can make students excited about learning new things and improving their skills, then learning will not be a burden to them.

  4. What has been your greatest accomplishment as a teacher? In my first year of teaching, I had to teach an extremely challenging class with many students who were very weak in their work.By my second year, after they had completed their O-levels, they were extremely grateful for my help.

  5. What do you enjoy doing your free time? I enjoy cycling and hiking.

  6. Describe yourself in one word. Enthusiastic

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