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Our Facebook Live Session with Suhaimi Yusof

We address questions frequently asked by parents about home-based tuition and our technology platform on our Facebook Live Session with Suhaimi Yusof. Watch the highlights of our live session below! To watch the full Facebook Live Session, click here.

PAL learning lessons are driven by pupil-led discussion, and tutors encourage pupils to voice their opinions/questions during class, using each question as an opportunity to discuss the topic. Group activities are also use as opportunities to promote discussion between pupils.

Our lesson materials are designed to bring the best out of our young learners and they are taught to explore, to challenge their understanding of the topic and to question in the class.

To understand more on how PAL Learning can help in shaping a positive and successful learning journey for your child, watch the video below!


PAL Learning combines the best of both worlds. We provide convenience and savings for parents while ensuring that children receive tuition from tutors with specialised teaching methods and materials.

Parents can benefit from a home-based learning format that also keeps our children safe. There is no commute and no gathering with other children in small, enclosed environments.

More information about PAL Learning can be found on our website or schedule a call with our customer service officers here.

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