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A Peek Into Lessons at PAL Learning

What goes on during the weekly classes at PAL Learning?

An engaged learner is a fast learner!

Small Class Sizes for Individualised Learning

We believe that every child has different learning needs.

That’s why we keep our classes sizes small, with not more than 5 students in each class! This allows our teachers to coach and mentor each child according to his or her specific needs.

All of our teachers are also trained to engage students with digital resources, such as our interactive whiteboard and AR learning tools.

Programmes Catered to Students’ Different Learning Needs

All children have varied learning speeds and strengths -- some may be stronger at Math and Science while others excel in languages.

To ensure that we can cater to the needs of every Singaporean student, we’ve offer two different programmes:

  • ‘Rev Up!’ programmes provide weaker students with the support and resources they need to build up their academic foundations. Teachers help students build their academic foundations by revising the core concepts and question types in each subject.

  • Our 'Boost!' programmes are more suitable for students who are already comfortable with a subject and are ready to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. In these lessons, we cover more challenging questions and advanced concepts, bringing our students to their full potential in the subject.

Join us in our complimentary holiday programme this December 2020!

Just for this month, we’re offering 4 free trial lessons for primary school students of all levels, available in English, Maths or Science.

Enquire now to register your child for these free lessons during the holidays. Your child will have an entire month to learn with our resources and build a relationships with his or her teacher in class!

Registrations close on 30 November 2020, so secure your child's spot today here.

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