Organisational Approach And Learning Philosophy For Your Child

Unlike the traditional 'One-Size-Fits-All' approach with large classroom settings, we do not mix students with different learning abilities together.


This benefits students in a customised and specialised set of curriculum in small group settings, proven to be highly effective for their learning.

Boost! Series
For The Academically-Inclined Students

Do you know what are the 3 critical sections that determine an AL1 from an AL2 student?

Here's why the Boost! Series is important for your child to earn crucial marks for exams!

RevUp! Series
Tailored For The Average Learners With Their Unique Learning Styles

How can we drive the intrinsic motivations of our children to love what they learn?

The RevUp Series also cultivate the habit of writing and note-taking. Through this, students gradually improve in their retention of the concepts learnt, while becoming proficient in their written examinations.

There Is A Way Even For The Academically-Challenged Children... We Level Them Up!

We never give up on any children because their hidden potentials are yet to be unravelled! 


The way to level them up is to fall back on their foundations, diagnose their early misconceptions and reprogramme their understanding on the fundamentals with great emphasis.

And discover how we at PAL Learning brings out the best in your kids!

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