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Preparing You And Your Child For The Tra
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Date_ 6th February 2021 Time_ 9am-12pm V


Discover how you can prepare your children on the major subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science that are crucial for their success, as they transition through their foundational years in Primary school. 


With over decades of experience in the education sector, our esteemed speakers will be sharing with you valuable insights and powerful strategies on how your children can boost, excel and ace in their primary academics ... while many struggled to pass their examinations. 

Conducted LIVE! In Studio And On ZOOM

An exclusive invitation to all parents with kids going through Primary school!

Who Should Be Attending This Congress?

  • Parents who are worried and concerned about their child's transitioning years in Primary 1, 3, 5 and 6... and what he or she can achieve by the end of 6-years of Primary school education.

  • Parents who want to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of their children among the subjects of English, Mathematics, and Science... and to determine which subjects are the ones that their child should focus on more, while balancing the rest.

  • Parents who realize and understand that Home-Based Learning (HBL) is here to stay for the long run and how their kids should leverage on technology to boost their learning abilities and take advantage of the tools given, to stay ahead of their peers. 

  • Parents who do not have the time nor sufficient resources to provide their child the necessary access to additional knowledge and education... and how PAL Learning can be beneficial in making a stark improvement for your child's learning needs.

Programme Schedule








Welcome Address

Keynote Speaker

Interval Break-time (15mins)

Subjects Emphasis For Transitioning Years

 Victor Pok 

Breakout Sessions

Questions & Answers (Q&A)
Prize Giveaways

End of Parents' Congress

Breakout Sessions 
One-To-One Consultation for Parents on a Subject That's Of Great Concern for Their Child

English Subject Expert Consultant


Confident speakers naturally gravitate toward becoming confident writers. Through our oral-building and writing programme, your child will learn the planning, presentation and writing skills that are essential to bring out the authors in them.

Maths Subject Expert Consultant


Your child will be engaged through fun and interactive activities to build their mathematical foundation. Key mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques are taught explicitly to prepare them for middle primary.

Science Subject Expert Consultant


This programme aims to nurture the love, passion, and curiosity in our students about the things around them. Your child will have an in-depth understanding of the various themes and concepts via a 5E teaching and learning approach. He or she will learn to apply the process skills and express his or her answers in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Keynote Speakers

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Dr Phyllis Chew is a tenured professor at the Department of English Language and Literature, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Her areas of specialization are sociolinguistics, literacy and English language methodology

Parents would gain valuable insights on how their children and students can do exceptionally well in their academics, critical for their child's progression in Primary school.

Mr Pok Vic Tor was formerly the co-founder of the Litespeed group of education companies prior to founding Viva Kids Pte Ltd. ​

With his vast knowledge and experience working  with children that he educates and truly cares about, Vic Tor understands the worries of what most parents would face. He believes that no child should be deprived of access to proper education and that no child should ever get left behind. 

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Multi-faceted in her appeal and persona, Jacqueline Chow has lent her face and talent to a diverse variety of films, television, theatre and commercials in the Singapore scene.

Effectively bilingual, Jacqueline is a well sought after host. A “Jacq of all trades”, she is a consummate host for all occasions. She's also a mother of 2 adorable children (daughter and son), a parent who's just as concerned as you about her children's education needs. It would be a great opportunity for parents alike to find out some of her parenting tips as well!