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PAL Learning is an Edu-tech platform in Singapore that offers private tuition for primary school children and provide a safer, convenient and more accessible format of learning through small online group-based tuition aligned with Singapore's MOE syllabus.


PAL Learning provides digital & interactive home-based learning that can enhance your child’s understanding of English, Mathematics and Science - whether they need extra help with foundational topics or are ready to explore content beyond what’s covered in primary school.

Students are constantly challenged to think ahead and out-of-the-box. Unlike the traditional 'One-Size-Fits-All' approach with large classroom settings, we benefit students by having specialised set of curriculum in small group settings, proven to be highly effective for their learning. 

Quality & Engaging Tuition Programmes


What we can offer your child?

  Small group tuition

  • Different children learn differently, which is why we believe in targeted, personalised learning.

  • We provide small group tuition, 1 tutor for every 5-8 students.

  • Your child gets individualised attention and direct guidance that meets their unique learning needs. 

  • Each lesson is 1 hour 30 mins for optimal learning.

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  Online live lessons with digital learning

  • Our teachers use interactive whiteboards and augmented reality learning tools.

  • An engaging curriculum that involves learning tools like games and group activities, encourages your child to actively participate in lessons.

  • More than 1,000 digital e-learning materials available for revision and self-study. 

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Committed, passionate and motivated MOE-trained and experienced tutors

  • PAL Learning offers premium online education through tutors who are mostly trained at National Institute of Education.

  • Our tutors have also gone through courses on how to make digital learning effective for students, to properly prepare them for this learning format.

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Digital device support to facilitate effective learning at home

  • PAL Learning provides *digital device support for students at subsidised rates to enhance the online learning experience of your child. 

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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Parents’ Testimonials

 “I chose PAL Learning because lessons
were carried out online and this kept my child safe and under my watchful eyes at all times,”
- Mdm Baizura (P4 PAL Math)
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“The price was a definite clincher for me.
It’s affordable and my child’s tutor is impressive!”
- Mrs Geow (P4 PAL English)
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“The experience at PAL Learning has been
great. Alex enjoys the lessons & understands
the topics better after joining this programme."
- Mrs Yee (P6 PAL Math)
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