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Quality and Engaging tuition programmes at only $129/month.


PAL Learning provides digital & interactive home-based learning that can enhance your child’s understanding in English, Mathematics and Science - whether they need extra help with foundational topics, or ready to explore content beyond what’s covered in primary school.

With PAL Learning, your child will receive premium education, with low teacher-to-students ratios (1 : 5) for a focused and holistic education.

The good news is that, you are still entitled for $99/month per subject until 1st Dec!

What's more, you can get up to 3-Months FREE Tuition when you sign up before 1st December 2021! 

Lock in this exclusive offer of $99/month even for 2022, when you sign up with us now.  Price will increase to $129/month after 1st December 2021.  

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What PAL Learning Can Offer Your Child

Online live lessons with digital learning resources

  • Our teachers use interactive whiteboards and augmented reality learning tools.

  • An engaging curriculum that involves learning tools like games and group activities, encourages your child to actively participate in lessons.

  • More than 1,000 digital e-learning materials available for revision and self-study. 


Digital device support to facilitate effective learning at home

  • PAL Learning provides digital device support for students.  

  • Each child gets a Samsung tablet PC (either free or rented) for online classes to facilitate their lessons.

  Small group tuition

  • Different children learn differently, which is why we believe in targeted, personalised learning.

  • We provide small group tuition, (1 teacher for every 5-7 students).

  • This means your child will get individualised attention and direct guidance that meets their unique learning needs. 

 All teachers are NIE-trained

  • PAL Learning offers premium online education through teachers who are trained at National Institute of Education.

  • Our instructors have also gone through courses on how to make digital learning effective for students, to properly prepare them for this learning format.

   LMS for tracking progress and performance

  • Our learning management system is designed to help with the management and improvement of students’ education.

  • Through it, we can also provide adaptive assessments and customised feedback for your child, in order to optimise their learning.

Parents Who Have Come Onboard

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Positive Reviews From Our Parents

"Helps in building foundation for my son going to Primary 1 next year."

"Ms Coreen is a strict as well as fun loving teacher.
My daughter likes her a lot and finds her lesson interesting."

Cherie Tan

Primary 1 - Rev! Up English
Primary 2 - Little Writers

"Good blend of simple & challenging questions that keeps the kids thinking.

Reinforces what's she has learnt & practice concepts that she is weak in.
Overall helps in my kid's math since she has difficulty grasping problem questions."

Sereena Peh
Primary 2 - Rev! Up Math

"The worksheets are appropriate, and well balanced
with questions that are a mixture of different difficulties.
The experience is good, there is no need to travel for tuition
and the quality of delivery is just as good."

Pei Ling Seah
Primary 2 - Boost! Maths

"The contents are good and not excessively a lot

to complete within 1 and an half hour span.
Helps the child to comprehend with examples shown
before she try to do it herself."

Patrick Ng
Primary 3 - Boost! English


Worksheets provided additional knowledge than the school textbooks. 

It has been a pleasant & communicable experience...

when I have some concerns raised...

the person-in-charge is also quick to response

to my queries & took time to explain."

Kris Liga
Primary 4 - Boost! English & Rocket Science

"Questions are following his school format which enhance his learning.
Eliezer like to attend her class. He can cope with her pace and teaching method.
I am satisfied. Thank you!

Steven Tong
Primary 5 - Rev Up! Math

"My child have improved her English subject!

Mr Peh is a very keen in teaching person

as well as the methods of his teaching are very creative and interesting.

So far so good!"


Sucy Ee
Primary 6 - Boost! English

"He is always enthusiastic and happy to attend Teacher Josephine's lesson

which attributed to his confidence in speaking.

The worksheets have been quite effective,

Teacher Josephine goes through the questions in an interactive way.

He is able to relate to and do the schools' test papers well."

"Ms Modi is good and able to explain the concept well.
Andrew is able to understand her teachings and participate in discussion.

It helps my son Andrew in building up his confidence level
through participation in the answering of the questions discussed."

Janice Chng
Primary 6 - Rev Up! English & Rocket Science

A Typical Class Structure


5 minutes

  • Logging in

  • Sound & video testing

  • Attendance taking


10 minutes

  • Recap of previous lesson

  • Dialogue on previous topics

  • Discussion of homework

Lesson Conduct

60 minutes

  • Coverage of current lesson objectives

  • Interactive exercises for student engagement

  • Students work on e-materials


  • Tutors check and guide students’ work

Recap/ Q&A

15 minutes

  • Vital concept questions selected for flagging & teaching

  • Homework assignment

  • Clarifications on homework

Free Learning Resources to Get You Started with PAL Education


Check out our free learning resources to help your child get started on bridging the gaps in their education now.


Get your child to practice our MOE-aligned syllabus, and quality worksheets curated by our team of curriculum planners below, to get a taste of how effective our lessons and learning materials are to boost your child's learning ability.

Primary 3 English

Primary 5 Math

  • Designed to supplement Primary 3 learners’ English studies.

  • This worksheet can help students review and assimilate core concepts of English grammar and structure.

  • This sample worksheet is ideal for Primary 5 students seeking to master operations of whole numbers.

  • This worksheet will enable students to grasp the topic and consolidate what they have learnt. 

Primary 6 Science

  • Designed to help students learn about the topics of Heat

  • This worksheet comes with useful illustrations and multiple-choice questions that help learners better understand the questions being posed.


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