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Your child's online learning partner.

We believe strongly that all children

should grow up to be life-long learners - always askingalways exploring &

always adapting to change

Here in PAL Learning, students are constantly challenged to think

ahead and out-of-the-box.

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Parents’ Testimonials

 “I chose PAL Learning because lessons
were carried out online and this kept my child safe and under my watchful eyes at all times,”
- Mdm Baizura (P4 Boost! Math)
“The price was a definite clincher for me.
It’s affordable and my child’s tutor is impressive!”
- Mrs Geow (P4 Boost! English)
“The experience at PAL Learning has been
great. Alex enjoys the lessons & understands
the topics better after joining this programme."
- Mrs Yee (P6 Boost! Math)

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